How we show up matters

How we show up matters. It matters to our organizations, our communities, our family, and our friends. Most importantly, it matters to ourselves—to the person we present to the world and to the person we see in the mirror. Showing up as our best selves each and every day isn’t easy. It’s easier to give in to our emotions, our biases, and our perspectives; but self-worth, value, and leadership comes from doing the hard work. It takes work to learn our triggers and manage our emotions, to be confident in the face of fear, to search and learn our own biases in order to see past them for a diverse and inclusive culture. The good news is hard work is always worth it. That hard work can be seen in a high-functioning team doing amazing things in your organization; it can be seen in healthy relationships with your family and friends; it can be seen when communities work together for better opportunities for all; and it’s evident in a calm, self-confident, and invaluable reflection staring back at you in the mirror. The best part is—we have the power to choose how we show up each day.

Summit 2021 is all about choosing our own path, our own story. Like the world-famous New York subway system, we are hopping on where we are and we’re headed “down the line,” a destination that inspires, encourages, and is full of hope. Summit this year offers 4 tracks or lines that will take you on a journey from where you are to where you know you want to be. Choose your line, take a ride, and commit to the destination.


About the Journey

Each of the 4 lines, or tracks, runs concurrently—parallel, if you will—at times intersecting to allow everyone to converge at a stop together.

The journey begins at the Summit Welcome Party the evening of July 11, where you can show up brave and ready to meet new faces from the community. You’ll start your journey by selecting the track that best fits you and where you want to be. Your conference badge will note which line you are traveling, so be on the lookout for your travel companion peers. Speaking of brave, we’ll have an AWESOME live band, drinks, and dancing, so join us before you head out for a night on the town in the Big Apple.

The next morning opens with an optional yoga session at 6am to start the first day off in a relaxed and centered state. Join your fellow Summit attendees at the Opening Session, where you’ll experience the ever-popular Parade of Nations and hear from association leadership on topics pertinent to this great profession. Following that is a fireside chat—minus the fire—with topic leaders from all 4 tracks sharing their own showing-up stories, what you can expect along the journey, and how each track impacts our lives in various ways.


About the lines

Click the days to learn details about the stops along each of the tracks

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Have you ever been around someone and wonder where they get their confidence? How they do amazing things without feeling any fear? Spoiler alert: Everyone feels fear; confidence and courage is showing up brave in spite of your fear. Whether it’s speaking in front of a group of people or finding that “it” factor, this line will give you the skills and practice you need to show up confident, no matter the circumstance.


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Do you ever find yourself writing someone else’s story for them, sometimes even before talking to them? Based on our own unconscious biases, we show up for some people in a way that is closed and judgmental without even realizing it. Discovering our own biases is the key to unlocking incredible unity and collaboration with our colleagues, communities, and personal relationships. When we can’t see past our own blind spots, we rely on feedback to provide an insight that we ourselves are unable to see. Without it, we are incapable of growing beyond where we currently are and without growth, stagnancy is the only option.


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Professionalism is one of those things that is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. More accurately, you know when you are NOT seeing it. One of the keys to true professionalism is how you present yourself to other people, especially in difficult situations. We’ve all heard the terms crucial conversations and emotional intelligence (EQ)—they are buzzwords now—but when you truly master these skills, you show up professionally; both for yourself and for your colleagues.


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Change is always scary. It requires us to embrace the unknown, which is counterintuitive to how our brains work. But as we’ve learned, especially recently, the ability to adapt and be vulnerable in the midst of change is a skill that is invaluable—both to employers and to our own mental wellbeing. Luckily, adaptability, resilience, and vulnerability are skills we can learn, hone, and practice.


At a glance Schedule


Every trainer at Summit is an expert in their field and truly understands the unique needs and challenges of the administrative profession. They love having the opportunity to share the skills necessary to show up better every day. Click on the photos to get to know each of them a little better.


Shari Pace
Showing Up Confident


Eduardo Bryant
Showing Up Confident


Angela Ellis
Showing Up for Others


Danielle N. Adams
Showing Up for Others


Sabrina Smith
Showing Up Professionally


Rosita Hall
Showing Up Professionally


Francisco A. Gónima
Showing Up Open


Julia Kristina
Showing Up Open


Vonetta Watson
Technology Sessions


Dawn Monroe
Technology Sessions


Neil Malek
Technology Sessions


Can’t attend Summit in-person? We will bring Summit to you! Purchase a virtual registration and choose from 2 of the 4 tracks. (Showing Up Professionally or Showing Up Open). You’ll not only be able to experience the amazing training alongside your in-person peers, but you’ll also have a dedicated virtual liaison. Your liaison will be the bridge between virtual attendees and in-person attendees to ensure a seamless and incredible experience for all. * The At-A-Glance Schedule notates which sessions are available to virtual attendees.
Want to host a Summit Watch Party virtually at your own location? Contact us at summit@iaap-hq.org for customized pricing depending on your group size.

Allies & Admins Expo

Another great stop to make during Summit is at our Allies & Admins Expo. Throughout the year you have access to amazing companies who help you solve a problem at work or work on a problem at home. Summit is a fantastic time to interact with these companies and learn more about the resources they provide. You never know when they will help you show up knowledgeable and connected during the next work challenge.



Summit 2021 is at the incredible New York Marriott Marquis located in the heart ofTimes Square–steps away from the best attractions of the city. The energy of Manhattan is iconic and New York Marriott Marquis, a vibrant fixture of Times Square, brilliantly captures the city's spirit in modern style. Located on West 46th Street and Broadway, the hotel places guests near NYC's most illustrious attractions, including the Theater District, Rockefeller Center, and Radio City Music Hall.

New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

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Registration is discounted before May 28, 2021,
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Things to do when you're not in session

There are lots of fun things to do for a night on the town or if you choose to extend your stay for a few days:


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Summit 2021 Post Pass

We know it can be tough to make the decision of which track to attend; we’re excited about them all too! The Summit Post Pass gives you as an attendee unlimited access to the recordings of the sessions at Summit for 30 days after it’s complete, as well as a discount if you want to purchase the Post Pass for additional access past the 30 days.

It’s also a great option for anyone who wants the amazing learning at Summit but can’t attend either in-person or virtually. Reserve your Post Pass today!


CAP Recertification Points


Have you ever thought about earning a certification? IAAP offers theNCCA-accredited Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)designation, a comprehensive credential specifically for administrative professionals. Summit is a great place to learn more, as well as meet CAP holders ready to share their journey to certification with you. And for you CAP holders who must recertify to keep your CAP active, Summit 2021 In-Person offers 18.5 recertification points, while Summit 2021 Virtual offers 15 recertification points! You can earn an extra 4 recertification point by completing the Learning and Applying Form provided during Summit, for a total of 22.5 points for in-person and 19 points for virtual.


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