Showing Up Confident

This line begins on Day 1 with a stop at the first topic of the journey. Spend 90 minutes with your trainer learning about Professional Presence and Why It Matters. This skill is essential in influencing others and impacting real change. It enhances your ability to project an image of competence and confidence. It draws on many factors, including how you carry yourself and how you communicate and interact with others. Explore attributes that contribute to professional presence and common “fatal flaws” that detract from it. You’ll learn and experience how to:
  • Carry yourself in a way that projects confidence and openness
  • Conduct yourself and your work in an intentional and thoughtful manner
  • Engage in conversations that are purposeful
  • Understand the power of effective verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Explain the importance of personal branding in the workplace

After an open lunch break to give your brain some rest, you’ll have an hour to put into practice what you just learned with your peers. Be sure to make note of what worked and what didn’t – your next stop is a debrief session with the trainer to equip you for your practice once you’re back in your day-to-day life. The day will wrap up with a Connect & Learn Rotating Roundtable to allow you additional opportunity to learn and grow with travel companions you haven’t interacted with yet.