Showing Up Confident

Day 3 begins again with morning yoga and a different stop – Technology Corner. You can choose from any of the three hands-on workshops offered:

Empower Your Workflow with OneNote

Let’s take OneNote to the next level! In this session, learn how to harness the power of OneNote. Create, maintain, and master time-saving integrations, collaborations, and workflows that turn OneNote into a must-have power-tool and you into a power-user.
  • Focused content to create, schedule, and automate daily team or project workflows
  • Hands-on, concentrated project scenarios for OneNote

Data Analysis & Visualization
Data has been a hot commodity for decades at this point, and it continues to be core to succeeding in business. In this session, we follow the lifespan of data from gathering and preparing it, to analysis, and finally to visualization and presentation. Learn about the most powerful data clean-up tools available on the market, sophisticated calculation tools, and engaging, dynamic dashboards.
  • Employing tables, data validation, and conditional formatting to prepare for data collection
  • Applying transformation tools in Power Query to clean up problematic data
  • Solve the problem of VLOOKUP overuse with relationships and joins
  • Perform useful, filtered calculations with Power Pivot
  • Construct useful dashboards from the underlying source data

Google Suite Greatness
In this broad overview of the Google Suite, explore the Drive and Apps that make collaboration and productivity possible. Manage business and personal needs with powerful tools that connect your team or organization.
  • Create, Store, Access and Share with Google Drive
  • Tour Docs, Sheets & Slides
  • Get in the Groove with Google Templates
  • Conquer Your Calendar & Contacts
  • Search Tip Savvy
  • Google Meet & Greet
  • Google Forms that Function
  • Google My Biz Basics

After lunch, join your track peers again for a joint session with both trainers from Days 1 & 2 to learn more about each of the two topics and how they show up, converge, and interact together in our lives.

Immediately following that is an action planning session. Use this time to determine what you want to implement in your daily life, steps for how you’ll do it, and timelines to accomplish it. The new skills and learning you experience are only as good as how they change your life for the better.

Day 3 ends with all of us together at our annual Cocktail Reception and Awards Gala. Celebrate the community and the amazing ways admins have shown up throughout the year with an incredible dinner, awards recognition, and of course - dancing! It’s always a night not to be missed!