Danielle N. Adams, PCC

Showing Up for Others

Danielle N. Adams, PCC, is a certified professional ICF-accredited coach, TED fellows coach, facilitator, trainer, and public speaker. Her areas of concentration in her coaching practice are business, career and professional development, personal improvement, relationship management, and leadership. Danielle also has worked as a trainer in the US and Canada with a leading organization in coach training and business development. Her most notable clients are members of the financial services, entertainment, nonprofit, higher education, hospitality, government, and management industries. Recently, Danielle has added restorative practices to her repertoire to help her clients build social capital, improve human behavior, and strengthen civil society. With more than 15 years’ experience in retail banking, serving in multiple service, sales, business development, and leadership roles, Danielle has had uniquely valuable experiences across numerous areas of corporate influence. A passionate advocate and a supporter of organizations that promote the economic independence and empowerment of women, youth and underrepresented members of her community, Danielle helps govern several nonprofit organizations.