Julia Kristina, MA

Showing Up Open

Julia Kristina, MA, is a master therapist and life coach who specializes in working with creatives, healers and service professionals to get past anxiety, stress, and self-doubt so they can achieve the life that they’ve always wanted and feel their best every step of the way. Through her membership program, The Shift Society, she helps men and women identify the thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back and then teaches them how to take charge of their minds and emotions. Julia’s expertise has been featured in Inc magazine, Psych Central, Mind Body Green and numerous other publications, podcasts and television outlets. She has also given talks in front of audiences of hundreds on stages across North America. Videos on her YouTube channel have been watched more than 8 million times and she has built a community of over 200,000 followers across social media platforms. When she’s not helping her clients and students increase their emotional intelligence and mental toughness, she’s mom-ing and chasing after her three small children in Vancouver, Canada.