Showing Up for Others

Day 2 begins with optional morning yoga for everyone and the Community Forum, which is a great place to learn how the association and profession as a whole are showing up in different ways and spaces.

We’ll continue our journey as the lines diverge, and this line will spend 90 minutes with your second trainer focusing on The Power of Feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is key to setting boundaries and clearly defining expectations for healthy and engaging relationships and interactions. But often the thought of giving or receiving feedback strikes fear; where there is shame, there is blame, and where there is blame, there is disengagement. This stop will provide you a proven framework and actionable skills to share and take feedback in ways that improve your own performance (as well as others’), build stronger relationships, and increase opportunities. You’ll learn:
  • A simple, yet elegant, five-step process for constructive feedback
  • Discover the upside of getting negative feedback (and how to respond), why feedback is not coaching, and how to give your boss feedback (without sounding like a jerk)
  • How to reset your internal messages to take account of your own feedback preferences and empower career growth
  • Tools and techniques to effectively give and receive growth-oriented feedback that inspires others to take action

After that stop, we’ll all come together again for a Lunch & Learn centered around wellness. Enjoy a meal with all your fellow attendees while discovering tips on how to show up for yourself from several wellness subject matter experts.

After lunch, join your track peers to put into practice once again what you learned in the morning, making note of what worked and what didn’t for the following debrief session. End the day with a Connect & Learn Rotating Roundtable to share your learning and experience with your track peers.